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Please spend some minutes visiting our website and read through the below letter about plywood items which are in production at Hoang Lam Wood., JSC now. It is worthy!

What kind of plywood do we have?

Hoang Lam Plywood now offers the most common plywood: packing (ordinary plywood), film faced plywood and commercial plywood. We care most about quality and plywood prices.

Quality is the 1st priority to attract and to remain customers.

Next is plywood price, it must be low and competitive.

These 2 conditions are the most important and core value at Hoang Lam Plywood.

We have 3 factories, specializing in different plywood types.

Packing (Ordinary) plywood: core is acacia, eucalyptus and mixed hardwoods. Glue is MR and E2. Thickness is from 2mm to 30mm. This type is very common in production, high productivity, competitive price, however, we can compete and be very strong in this plywood as it was our starter since 2016.

Black film faced plywood for construction: core is acacia, eucalyptus and mixed hardwoods. Glue is Melamine. Thickness is 12mm, 15mm and 18mm. It could be +-0.5 mm tolerance. Time of reuse is 8-10 times. Film is black with printed or non printed logo.

Commercial plywood: core is acacia, eucalyptus and mixed hardwoods. Glue is Melamine, E0, E2. E0 is for Carb P2 certification and more expensive than E2. With 5-10% melamine glue added to make stronger board. Faces are bingtagor, Okoume, Birch, Pine, etc, depending on customers’ requirement. Thickness is from 5mm to 70mm.

Plywood prices are our concern to be competitive

Nowadays, there are many plywood producers, not only in Vietnam but also China. The demand for using plywood has remained high for years due to its affordable cost and modern lifestyles. Wood is also a friendly environmental product to humans and nature.

Hoang Lam Plywood controls very well all input (veneers, glue, additives) and labor forces to be competed.

Plywood products are produced by skilled workers who have been working for a long time, considering the company as family.

Modern plywood machines also help us increase productivity with higher output. Additionally, we have step by step moved our production to outskirt areas where material and labor are plenty of and cheaper.

Stable plywood quality products help Hoang Lam Plywood develop sustainably:

In each step of plywood productions, our skilled workers do with highest concentration and detail.

From selecting veneers, pasting glue, fixing holes before hot pressing, sanding core’s surfaces before face and back attaching, checking again before packing, etc. All is done one by one, step by step to make sure no defective plywood board.

And lastly, general Plywood specification for your selection:

Birch, Okoume, Bintagor, Styrax, Cedar, etc are very common for face and back of plywood.

The Cores are acacia, eucalyptus, and other hardwoods. Customers can order 100% eucalyptus core for stronger board.

Glue is E0, E2 and Melamine.

Thickness is from 2mm till 70mm.

Grade: A, B or C up to customers’ request.

Size: 1220x2440mm

Being the manufacturer with 3 owning factories, Hoang Lam Plywood offers diversified plywood products, meeting all customers’ demands.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to get a competitive plywood price and stable quality.

We are here in Vietnam and want to be your local plywood partner.

Our sales are Always ready for your call, quotation request and query.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

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